My Personal Central Perk

I felt like I’ve been running out of things to write about, so I decided to answer one of Daily Post’s promptsWhat is the most relaxing place in your world? If someone asked me that before today then I would’ve answered with my bed, under the covers with a good story to read. But things change, and my recent experiences with life in general changed my “relaxation zone” from my home to coffee houses. Of course, my home is still in the Top Five, so in the words of the 3 Idiot‘s Rancho: all izz well.

So why coffee houses?? Well, for one thing, they have coffee. For another, the new friends I made here in England all like to hang out in Costa (so do I, for that matter). And lastly, did I mention that they have coffee?!

The New Costa Light

I went out with one of my friends to town today and since it rained sporadically, we decided to take shelter in Costa once we finished shopping. The atmosphere was so warm and the coffee so heavenly, I found myself thinking that I could spend a lot of chilly afternoons here and just relax. Read a book. Write stories. Think.

Costa is somehow becoming the Central Perk for my friends and I. We may not spend all of our time there like what Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Joey do… but we talk about the place so much we might as well be living there! ^__^

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