A New Fandom to Love

It’s been an entire week since I’ve pushed up my sleeves and typed up a post — sorry, but the past week had been the last of my school’s half-term, and so it was hectic and blah. Combining the plethora of coursework essays I had to write and plan, plus the insane temperature drop and the completely irritating inflamed tonsils I had… well, the last thing I wanted to do was “find my purpose in life.”

Anyway, my only companion as a recuperated from my illness the past few days was little ol’ me. Apart from cursing the world and lamenting my woes, I pretty much just spent my time in front of the computer screen, glued to the seventh season of FRIENDS. Once I got bored of that, I reminisced about my time watching anime and figured hey, I could watch me some anime. And guess what?

I did just that!!

My new fandom love, as of this moment (because I finished the first and only season mere minutes ago), is the Ouran High School Host Club. It’s adapted from the manga, so I know if I really crave some more of Tamaki’s idiocy, Honey’s cuteness and Haruhi’s dry humour, I could just read it online… though it’s not as fulfilling as having to watch it. I have no patience for comics >_<

To be completely honest, what drew me in to the series was the title. I mean, I’m no proficient in Japanese media culture, but I can understand the term high school. Having been a high school student myself, I figured I can relate to the characters — and to some degree, I have. Don’t we all??

I can’t really express how much this show has affected me. It took me two or three episodes in to realise that it satirises the shouju (schoolgirl) culture, and it wasn’t until near the end when they started doing the character’s histories that I understood that it’s a deep story as well. It explained to me the pressures of being in a Japanese family — I don’t know how to elucidate further other than saying when I studied the country for Civics class last year, it didn’t occur to me that their strength of honour in the past could still affect them now.

Did you know, some people still commit suicide if they dishonour themselves or their families in some way? And to portray that sense of entitlement in high school students, albeit upper class students who grew up knowing they’d take over their family businesses one day… Well, it’s just daunting for me. It’s like this show threw away the rose-tinted glasses I’ve found myself wearing because, no matter how much those students in the host club had fun and enjoyed being young, the fact that the pressures of adulthood and maturity still lingered in the horizon. And honestly, I can’t help but understand that.

I know the show is just a feel good comedy, a heartfelt romcom and a cartoon (sorry die-hard anime fans, but they are cartoons*), but I can’t change the fact that it affected me this way. Ouran isn’t a supernatural action/adventure quest like the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle; Ouran is more real, somehow. More relatable.

But whatever. I think I’ve been ill for too long. ^__^


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