Seeing Double: Taylor Swift Times Two?

I was just doing my Media homework (see, I do put effort in it!) browsing through YouTube looking for advertisements and identifying the ad techniques used in them, when I stumbled upon this particular ad:

At first I was like, “Ooh, a Japanese McDonald’s advert.” The first few seconds are close ups of a model dressed in Ronald McDonald’s get up, but then it becomes a full body shot — and my jaw hit the floor with a clang. The model really looks like Taylor Swift from that angle! Albeit, Taylor Swift with bright red hair and an atrocious costume… but Taylor Swift nontheless.

Am I the only one who sees this?! If so, then I’m going to feel very awkward for the next couple of days… =S

Random Thought: This post is real proof that I do pay attention in my Media classes >_< For some reason, I find that posting about the things I learn from that class is much, much easier than writing a homework essay about it. Erg.


One thought on “Seeing Double: Taylor Swift Times Two?

  1. That commercial was shot in 2004. Taylor Swift would be 15 and not legal to go to Japan to model or act (legal age is 16). The actual model doesn’t look like Taylor Swift – I think it’s just that one angle and makeup.

    The model is Agota Varga, a Romanian model who has been a muse of Yohji Yamamoto and worked and lived in Japan during that period of time.

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