WorldSkills London 2011

Well, this was officially the first school trip for me with my new school. Let’s just say that despite the sore feet — I cannot express how much they hurt by the end of the day — the entire experience was fun. Yeah, there had been complaints about the trip being ‘pointless’ and such, and I understand and feel a little bit the same, but it’s was fun.

I mean, how could a trip to London with my friends be not fun??

Located at the ExCel London convention centre, WorldSkills showcased many hands-on skills from carpentry to floristry and from landscaping to fashion design. While none of the skills interested me enough to be considered as a choice for my future career, I’m sure other people benefited well from the convention. My friends and I more or less mucked about, and I took plenty of pictures.

Oh, and I’ve also acquired a pretty neat collection of university prospectuses. Y’know, for future reference and stuff… *grin* It’s good to know that I’ve got options. And despite how tempting the Not Going to Uni option is, I must be strong and keep away from it! ^__^



Isn't this just the cutest?! <3 A modern-style kimono


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