Lookie What I Found!

So in accordance to my English Lit. homework, I’ve searched in the internet the many versions of Hamlet in film. I’ve managed to find three: a 1996 movie with Kate Winslet as Ophelia, a 1990 movie with Mel Gibson as Hamlet, and one really, really old version made in 1948. (As for the David Tennant fan in me, I’m searching for a video of that play for fun.)

Anyway, as I was searching through the web pages, I stumbled upon this nifty poem.

Green Eggs and Hamlet

I ask to be or not to be.
That is the question I ask of me.
This sullied life, it makes me shudder.
My uncle's boffing dear sweet mother.
Would I, could I take me life?
Could I, should I end this strife?
Should I jump out of a plane?
Or throw myself before a train?
Should I from a cliff just leap?
Could I put myself to sleep?
Shoot myself or take some poison?
Maybe try self immolation?
To shudder off this mortal coil,
I could stab myself with a fencing foil.
Slash my wrists while in the bath?
Would it end my angst and wrath?
To sleep, to dream, now there's the rub.
I could drop a toaster in my tub.
Would all be glad if I were dead?
Could I perhaps kill them instead?
This line of thought takes consideration-
For I'm the king of procrastination.

Awesome, isn’t it? It brought a smile to my face ^__^


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