Busy, Busy, Busy…

I’ve been so swamped up with school work, I think a part of my molecular structure has morphed into a bee or something. Geddit? Busy bee? ^__^

School has pretty much taken over my life. I know I’ve complained about the lack of work I’ve had in the past, but honestly, I was not expecting this. I mean, I don’t mind waking up as early as seven am (not much, anyway). And I don’t mind the fifteen to twenty-minute walk (depending on speed) to school either, once I figured out which way to go. What I’m really worked up about is the school work.

the basic gist of my schedule

At the beginning of the school year — that is, just two weeks ago — I was taking four lessons: English Literature, ICT, Media Studies and Mathematics. However, after the first few lessons, I decided to quit ICT because it was not what I expected. Researching about the NHS and Britain’s dental health was not what I wanted to do after leaving school, so yeah…

As for English Lit, I had to read The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and do essays — pretty easy, though it requires some time and effort. Media Studies is, to be honest, not what I expected. It’s a BTEC course, meaning there would be no exam and your grades will be based on the homework and projects in class. I’m trying my hardest here to get Distinctions.

And for Maths, well… (I can’t believe I’m saying this, but) I miss the Maths in the Philippines!! Back there, all you had to do was listen to the lesson and do the work your teacher assigned you, then pass it the next day. Here, the teacher has to go over points again and again, and then assign homework to be passed the next week! The suspense kills me. I am so not used to the British school system yet >_<

So it seems I’m a very hard-working student who does her work immediately and days before it’s due. But then, how come I feel to swamped all the time? Perhaps it’s because on top of the homework, I have to do house chores as well. Or maybe it’s the fifteen to twenty-minute walk (depending on speed) that eats my energy away.

I dunno, but either way, I’m as busy as a bee.

Things to do:

  1. For English Lit.
    • finish reading The God of Small Things
    • watch several versions of Hamlet
    • research on 1950s America (in preparation for The View Under the Bridge by Arthur Miller)
    • buy a copy of The View Under the Bridge by Arthur Miller
    • complete the first three grids on the Hamlet booklet
  2. For Media Studies
    • essay on “What is Media Studies?”
  3. Maths
    • complete the re-do of the unit test (don’t ask; I got a 62%)
    • check/mark exercises F, G, H and I
    • oh, and start writing more neatly (as if that is possible for me)

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