Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

The first time I went to Cebu (the first time I remember, anyway) was on May 2010. I was with my grandparents and my brother, and the purpose of our journey was to visit the Sto. Niño Church. Being the oldest church in the Philippines, it was a magnificent sight to behold. That’s coming from the naïve teen’s point of view, because it didn’t really occur to me that the Philippines would have ancient old architecture that survived the times. I know, silly me ^__^

The pictures below are of Magellan’s Cross, located near the Sto. Niño Church. I’m not sure if it’s the same cross or just a replica, but I remember stepping inside that little building that housed it, looking up and feeling awed… and humbled. Awed because I’m standing where history happened, but humbled as well because I never even thought about it before despite the numerous History classes I endured.

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