“Who’s Laughing Now?”

Dear Jessie J,

About your new music video… I quite like it, even though gloating about your success to those who picked on you in primary school seems a tad harsh to me. (But after all, revenge is a dish best served cold, right?)

I know the song’s supposed to be motivational, and it is a little bit, but sounds kind of negative to me. It focuses on the fact that compared to your old classmates, you’re the most successful and you’re rubbing it in their faces. Not a personality trait that I’d like to promote, but it’s understandable. You can’t be human without feeling that emotion every once in a while.

My favourite part of the video is the little girl you got playing a younger version of you. Where did you get here? She’s very talented. And I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea that your hair is natural. How do you manage to make it look like that?


from one of your fans

PS. Have you got anything against the colour pink? I do as well… =P


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