When You Get Tired of Fast-food and Takeaways…

…you buy yourself a cookbook! Which is what I did and as of this afternoon, I am now a proud owner of Cooking for Beginners.

I bought it from The Works, a discount bookshop in the town centre. The book only cost me three pretty pounds, and considering its original price (£9.99) and the price at Amazon (£6.49), it’s a steal.

Seeing as I’ve grown tired of eating fast food such as McDonald’s and KFC, I’m sure I’d be using the cookbook very often the next few months. (If I do say so myself,) I’m quite proficient in the arts of cooking pasta and heating up cans of tuna, so I’m more than ready to expand my repertoire.

Satisfying the child in me: Teddy Bear pasta :)

But if all else fails, I’m sure a quick trip to the town centre for a KFC snackbox — or a McDonald’s happy meal — would be enough to tide me over until the next meal. ^__^

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