“Are You My Mummy?”

It’s been a long day (and before that an even longer night), so I figured I’d treat myself with one of my all-time favourite TV shows, the ever-popular Doctor Who. I’m a big fan of the Doctor — of David Tennant, actually, though Christopher Eccleston did wonderfully as well. Anyway, before I left for the Philippines all those years ago, I was hung up on Doctor Who… and Torchwood, which was kind of new at the time. But since there was no BBC channel in the Philippines, I’m waaay behind on the series. Which explains why I don’t know who this guy is:

Apparently, he's called Matt Smith

I just finished watching the two-part episode ‘The Empty Child‘ and ‘The Doctor Dances‘ tonight, and let me tell that you there is a HUGE difference watching it when you were twelve and then watching four years later. For one thing, you can tell that the special effects are just that, special effects; they seemed so realistic and true-to-life when I was younger. And for another, the thrill and suspense of watching ‘The Empty Child’ is gone. I dunno, perhaps it’s because I’ve seen the episode before, or maybe it’s because I’ve grown up and therefore don’t find it as scary anymore.

Well, yes it’s still kind of frightening — disconcerting, even — though that doesn’t mean I’m hiding under the bed in fear. It’s amazing how things change, how we change. The things we find scary a couple of years ago just simply stops being so… We’ve grown out of the fear because we can’t see why we should be afraid. In other words, we’ve grown up. I’ve grown up. Even just a little bit.

It boggles me, to be honest, this idea of growing up. I don’t really like it when it sneaks up on me, but I accept it. Hey, I’m a teenager. I’m not a child any more but not quite an adult, if that even makes sense. I have to accept it. Isn’t it a part of life or something?

Over and out.

Oh, and PS: I just love, love, love Captain Jack’s American accent. He’s so charming, it’s slightly freaky since you know he becomes the Face of Boe in the future… or was that just a rumour? Boy, I need to get with the times.

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