Celebrity Crush of the Moment: Dougray Scott

Knowing me and my slight obsession with stories set in history, it’s no wonder I’m making this post right now. I watched Ever After on TV last night and not only did I realize that it’s one of the movies I’ll never see myself tire from watching, but I also realized that Prince Henry look positively dashing.

Dougray Scott in his role as Prince Henry

Of course, being a crown prince and all, he had to be positively dashing. And charming. And sinfully good-looking wearing his costume.

Yes, I know that I’m gushing way too much over Dougray’s character, Prince Henry, and not enough on Dougray himself. I’m sorry — I can’t help it! I’ve searched up Dougray Scott on Google Images, but all I got was of him with short hair and modern clothes…. well, except for that one with the kilt. I am aware that expecting Dougray to look and dress like what he did on Ever After is kind of irrational, but what can I say? He looked dashing. I dunno if it’s the way Prince Henry looked or just the way the film was shot, but honestly: wow.

Here’s an excerpt from the movie when the prince proposes to Danielle (Cinderella). It’s quite romantic, if I do say so myself.


4 thoughts on “Celebrity Crush of the Moment: Dougray Scott

  1. I completely and utterly agree! Hehe, dashing is definitely the right word and I understand your disappointment at the fact that Dougray doesn’t wear the same clothes in real life. :(
    I love the movie Ever After and, I agree – it is very romantic.
    PS. Your blog is incredible – I’ve subscribed to it and I look forward to updates! It’s very like my own (believe me, I wrote my ‘About Me’ before ever visiting your blog – take a look!) and reading some of your posts has certainly been an inspiration. :)

    • It’s good to know I’m not alone about Dougray Scott and his fashion choices ;D I checked out your blog at blogspot and when I read your About Me, I did a double-take. Are you sure you haven’t visited A Green Sky Outside before? :)) As for you subscribing, thanks! The more the merrier!

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  3. prince henry showed all the signs of being a future king, dougray scott was a perfect prince, his moves, his speech, his actions, respect for his homeland. costumes were awesome and portrayed the characters perfectly. to bad there weren’t more prince henrys in this modern day and age, but because of ever after, we can now dream.

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