Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

I never actually planned on watching Captain America: The First Avenger, nor did I ever give that movie much thought beyond the ‘that main guy looks a lot like Channing Tatum’ and ‘why is that poster doing on a double-decker bus?’

As it turns out, the “main guy” — I’d rather use protagonist, just to be more technical — is actually played by Chris Evans. Yeah, he was also the guy who played Jessica Alba’s brother in Fantastic Four.

As for the poster on the double decker bus, that’s just me wondering why something quintessentially British would do something like that. In their defence, though, they do have some Harry Potter posters. I particularly like the one with Ron and Hermione cuddled together.

But back to Captain America. After Spiderman, Superman, Batman and other superhero comic books turned into movies, I don’t think Marvel needed to release another one. I don’t want to insult any fans, but the movie was pretty boring. For me, anyway. I have to admit there were some high points, most of them were the comic relief, though I can’t guarantee all of them were laugh worthy. Half of the time, I was just laughing because what I was watching was so absurd… The funniest part though was when Steve managed to get the flag from the top of the pole. It was very Mulan-esque.

I kinda lost interest when Skinny Steve was replaced by Steroid Steve, but I got interested again when all the showgirls began dancing. As food for thought, however, has anyone wondered how Steve managed to be familiar enough with his new buffed up body to chase a Hyrda agent after just recently being changed? Doesn’t he need to get used to the new muscles or something?

Moving on… I watched the movie in 3D, so the visual effects were eye-popping. Steve, as Captain America, likes to throw his shield around and I must say I always jump when said shield leaves the screen and comes at you.

Plot-wise, I see that The First Avenger is a prequel and everything, but I really, really wanted Steve to die after crashing into the snow. It would’ve made the disappointment between him and Agent Peggy Carter more heartbreaking. But hey, letting him sleep seventy years and therefore missing that date they had works just as well. Seems kinda silly though, don’t you think?

I recommend watching the movie if you’re really into superheroes and the whole perseverance thing — one day, even you can help save your country from a red-skinned monster. If you’re not that big a fan of comics, then I suggest watching the movie in 3D; it’s more interesting that way. *shrugs* That’s what I did, anyway, and I only yawned about five times. Beats nearly sleeping when watching Transformers: The Dark of the Moon.


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