No, I Don’t Love You Like A Love Song

Having moved to the UK, I suddenly find myself having access to Disney Channel. Being sixteen years old, I’d like to think that I’m way past Disney and its bubbly TV shows and oh-so-clean image, but it seems not to be the case when my eyes are glued to the screen watching 17 year old Zack and Cody in Suite Life on Deck. And yes, I do find Cole Sprouse attractive. Who doesn’t? (That is rhetorical question. Do not reply.)

But how attractive the Sprouse twins are isn’t the topic of this post. Nope, it is not. This is the topic of this post:

Remember when Selena's image used to be bubbly, young and innocent?

An excerpt of Selena’s latest single Love You Like a Love Song kept on playing during the commercials and let me tell you that I did a double take when I first caught a glimpse of it. I mean, look at that hair! And that fashion! And what up with the shirtless dude that vaguely resembles Legolas from Lord of the Rings?

Yeah, there’s no shirtless dude in that picture above. I really don’t want to post that in my blog but, if you must *heaves a heavy sigh*, you can watch him in the music video. Oh, and while you watch, check out 1:11… I know it’s Selena and she’s dating Justin and everything, but Bieber lookalike, anyone?

Anyway, it was really shocking to see her so changed: plunging necklines, thick makeup and a music video concept that, frankly, I don’t understand. Yes, I understand that she’s nineteen and can do whatever the hell she wants — and judging from the rumors, she’s doing Bieber. (I’m sorry, I just had to say that ;D) But in any case, I feel nostalgic for those times when she was younger. When she wasn’t holding hands with a shirtless guy and walking down the beach. When her hair didn’t resemble a hedgehog.

Still, I have to admit that I like her music. Love You Like a Love Song, despite its confusing video, is humming in my head right now. Is that hypocritical of me? And yeah, that is another rhetorical question. ^__^


2 thoughts on “No, I Don’t Love You Like A Love Song

  1. You are an amazing writer. You seriously made me laugh out loud when you mentioned Selena doing Bieber. I believe everyone thinks that.
    But anyway great post. I can’t get “Who says” out of my head…
    I must also say, I nearly pissed my pants when I saw the spider….
    yea. I screamed.

    • Finally, someone notices the spider!!

      I haven’t heard Who Says yet, but I’m sure to look it up next time. Thanks for the comment, and the compliment, and for laughing. And for screaming, too. Keep reading!

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