Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

So I missed the deadline for last week’s photo challenge (“Old-fashioned”). I had a really good picture too, but I’ve just been so busy lately… First a three-day trip to Cebu, followed by a family vacation in Palawan, and then moving back to England! It’s wonder I haven’t fainted from exhaustion yet.

Anyway, here’s my contribution for this week’s challenge, Hot. I haven’t tasted them myself, seeing as I’m not that adventurous with food, but I trust my mother when she says that they were spicy. It certainly looks it… ^__^

The pictures were taken at the restaurant my mom’s friend’s family (are you following me here?) showed us to, since Cosmo was already closed. I’m not sure where it is specifically, but I do know that it’s in London. It’s not much help, but there you go. =D

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