Tall Heels: A Big No-No in the London Underground

My mother warned me against wearing the my beloved heels today. And as usual, I did not listen.

I told her that “I know we’d be walking a lot, but I want to wear these heels. If I regret doing so at the end of the day, then it’s my fault and not yours.”

There was an understood I told you so bragging right in the air as we walked towards the underground train station. Just taking the first few steps was painful, seeing as I’m not that fond of wearing heels — I actually don’t heels, but I have and wear them because they’re a staple, a must-have. That, and because I’m so short I basically need them. And the ones I wore today just went with the bootleg jeans I was wearing.

By the end of the day, my balls of my feet were more than ready to boycott my choice in footwear. With the London Underground the way it is (hectic, busy and very, very confusing), my mom and I had to walk long and fast to reach the trains in time.

And let me just say, for the sake of all women out there (those stupid enough to wear high heels to the Underground, anyway): OUCH!

There is a lesson learned here today, people, and that is to not let your mom have bragging rights over you. Because if they do, then they’d just refuse to be your personal maid so that you can rest your feet. And I mean that in the most respectful, kindest way. ;D


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