Suffering Withdrawal

From my music, that is. My MP4 broke — well, more like I lost the charger, but it’s not working either way. And that sucks, pretty much, because practically all my music is in there. I have back ups in my laptop, but that’s not quite the same as chilling with headphones on your head. I usually listen to music on long drives to and from the mall (or school), so with my MP4 gone I had to make do with the radio.

And let me tell you, pop music isn’t my thing. Well… not things like hip-hop and R&B. I’m not into meaningless songs about sex, grinding or parties. If it has meaning, then awesome. If it’s worth listening to past the beat and melody, then wonderful. If it’s a sappy love song, I’m a sucker for them as well. ;D

Without my trusty playlist of Busted songs, my random collection of MYMP, The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack and Sting’s Englishman in New York, I’ve had my moments of irritation and restlessness. I’ve lacked sleep (insomnia), seeing as sometimes, I use my music to lull me to deep relaxation. And aside from the obvious lack of opportunity to vent my frustrations through music, I’ve been depressed. Music distracts me, and with it gone, I don’t know what to do.

Dang it, I’m a music addict. (Hence the t-shirt I made during HELE class once; “music is my escape” slogan.)



Music is my drug. If I was Edward, then my MP4 would be my Bella. And no, I m not sorry for that Twilight reference… much. ^__^


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