A Brief Handwriting Analysis by Allie M. Bradley

I don’t put much trust in Horoscope predictions and psychic readings, but I do love to waste my time on them. They’re vague on purpose so that when you, the unwitting reader, reads them, you just have to gasp and say, “How did they know that about me?” But I believe that one’s handwriting, just like the eyes, are the windows to the soul.

I guess that’s why I subscribed to Allie Bradley’s blog and ‘liked’ her page on Facebook. Allie regularly posts on her page, and you get interested tidbits and random facts about various handwriting styles.

Tuesday Trait: Printing! Recently a fan of the page asked about people who print. Here is a brief description: In general, printers have a guard up, small or large, between themselves and other people. Getting to know them well is a gradual process, because they do not open up easily. They may be described by strangers as “defensive”, “guarded” or “reserved”.

Thursday Thoughtling: I’m super klutzy. Seems like I’m constantly running into the door-frame or colliding with concrete. One of the ways clumsiness shows up in handwriting is a ‘bouncy’ baseline.

She has this thing called the Friday Freebie, too. If you’re the first to comment on that particular post, then you get your handwriting analysed for free. Well, I was just surfing randomly one night (though it was more like early morning) when I saw it. I was the first to comment — the only one to comment, actually — and lo and behold, Allie analysed my handwriting!

My Chicken Scrawl of a Penmanship ;D

this is an excerpt from Jane Austen's "Emma"

This is what she said about me:

You are attracted to culture and beauty.  You enjoy the arts, fine food, good music, and travel.  You likely have a refined taste when it comes to these things. [I know, right? ^__^]

When you feel an emotion, you will sometimes express it and sometimes withhold it.  Normally you feel the need to show affection, talk to others about your feelings, and generally express your thoughts.  This does not mean you’ll confide in just anyone, however; it merely means that you’d rather express your emotions than bottle them up inside. You connect well with other people and sympathize easily with those around you.  You are heart-driven and considerate.

There are some things that you prefer to keep to yourself; you are rather secretive.  You are able to keep your own secrets, and others can usually trust you to keep their secrets as well.  You may not give an opinion until asked for it [though that won’t stop me from commenting about things in my head].

On the other hand, you enjoy speaking.  You are likely talkative, especially when conversing on a topic of interest to you.  Sometimes your secrets may slip out on accident when you’re caught up in talking!

You do not like being wrong.  Even when the facts are stacked against you, you will often stand your ground and refuse to budge.  In other words…you have a bit of a stubborn streak. [This is so true…. ]

You have a sharp mind that is both quick and analytical.  You’re curious about many different things and enjoy investigating new ideas.  Before taking action, however, you analyze everything, from ideas to situations to people.  You want to know how things work and why; you have good reasoning abilities. [Yeah, this annoys my teachers to much when I just up and ask them, “why?” Especially during Chemistry class and I just wonder what the point of it is.]

You have a trait common to writers, speakers and even dancers; that is, fluidity.  This trait manifests itself in either mental fluidity or physical fluidity – sometimes both!  When speaking or writing, you have a way of being able to move easily from topic to topic without losing track of where you came from and where you’re heading with a thought.

Your level of self-esteem is average and healthy. [Whew, that’s good to know!] You have a good sense of self-respect and personal boundaries.  The goals you set for yourself are thought-out and practical.  You’re not afraid to try new things, though you will be hesitant to take huge risks when it comes to your goals.  You value security, and your goals will reflect this.  You usually achieve what you set out to accomplish.

Most of what Allie said I can’t help but agree with. I say they’re true, though a skeptic might just click their tongue and say that they were vague. They are pretty vague, but I’d like to think that they’re written just for me. I won’t go and say that it’s only for me, since I’m sure with the billions of people in the world, there’s bound to be someone just like me. You know what they say… EVERYONE IS UNIQUE, JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.

If you’re interested to get your own handwriting analysed, you can catch the Friday Freebie on Allie’s Facebook page. It’s just for a brief overview of your handwriting, but if you can’t catch that or if you want something more in-depth, you can contact Allie and set up a time to talk to each other. It’ll cost you $67, but I’m sure it’s worth it!

Over and out.

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