Harry Potter Movie Re-View: Part 3 and 4 of 7

But mostly Part 4. I didn’t post anything for Prisoner of Azkaban, so I’m pretty much making up for it here. There was nothing special about it apart from, I dunno… the SUPER DUPER AWESOME snacks we had!!

I bought three packs of V-cut crisps, ate one of it before Sunday, and dumped the entire contests of the other two in a bog glass bowl. I nicked a bag of bread from the table and two bottles of water from the fridge (because I don’t do carbonated beverages). Overall between my brother and I, we finished everything before the the hilarious Boggart scene…


Here’s a close up of the V-cut. It’s my ultimate favorite junk food.

Anyway, I want to talk about how great Goblet of Fire went. It’s not one of my most-watched Harry Potter movies, seeing as I cringe every time I see the long hair Harry, Ron, Fred and George sport throughout it all. But watching it again last Sunday, I was surprised. It’s really, really awesome. It had plenty of laugh out loud moments, especially with my brother by my side running a constant commentary.

On the entrance of the Beauxbatons girls: “Do they only accept really beautiful girls?”

On Krum when he was entering his name in the Goblet: “He looks like he’s got the entire world on his shoulders.” Of course, lil bro, he’s Krum!

I totally snorted my water just then. Hahaha!

He got annoying after a while, but all things were forgiven when that scene with Snape, Ron and Harry came up. They were in the Great Hall, I suppose during one of their Study Hall sessions. The two best friends were worried about finding dates for the Yule Ball and with Snape — Severus greasy haired Snape — hovering near them…

…it was a recipe for hilariousness! We missed the entire scene and had to play it again because we were laughing so loud!

*wipes tears from eyes* Ohh, that was a wonderful night. Order of the Phoenix is up next Sunday and with its serious theme, I suppose there won’t be as much LOL moments. However, I am looking forward to the musical score. They did wonderfully in that movie.

Over and out.

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