Kung Fu Panda (2011)

I wanted to go to the internet café and surf the web. My brother wanted to watch a movie. I told him he could go watch by himself; he was old enough to. He told me that he wouldn’t go then if he was going alone.

So, being the kind, thoughtful, older sister that I am — he is so paying for my lost web surfin’ time — I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with him.

I have to admit though, a part of me wanted to watch the movie as well. Though, it was as big as the part of me that wanted to watch X-Men: First Class. (OMG, James McAvoy! *ahem*)

As a sequel, the Kung Fu Panda 2 was great. It had plenty of action, plenty of funny lines and plenty of cute baby Po.

Isn’t this just adorable?

However, to me, the movie kind of lacked something. A certain pizzazz, maybe. The evil peacock, though I felt for what he must have gone through, just didn’t sit right with me as actually being ‘evil’. He came off to me as selfish and spoilt, which I suppose could be explained since he grew up wealthy.

Moving on to other characters, Po’s past was very interesting. I’ve never really thought about how he came about. I know it’s was strange for him to have a goose for a father, him being a panda and all… but I never really thought about it. I figured it was just a funny thing, something people could laugh about.

Not that Po’s history is very laugh-worthy. It’s very sad, and I’ve shed a few tears when his mother left him in the radish crates and ran to lead the wolves away. The lengths mothers go to to enable safety for their offspring… *sniffle*

Onto lighter(-ish) notes. One of my favorite characters of the movie was Tigress. I really admire her dedication and fearlessness growing up. She’s not hardcore for no reason, you know! She’s über tough and it really shows, but she has a heart. I wonder why she’s like that. Is it just her personality or did something happen in her past to change that? I hope we find out in Kung Fu Panda 3! (If they ever make one… I hope they do.)

I think that’s all I have to say about the movie.

Oh, but before I forget, I just want to mention that though the lines were all very funny, some just didn’t suit well with me. I don’t know it’s just Jack Black, but some of the lines he delivered weren’t funny at all. They were delivered too seriously for me to get — maybe I’m just too thick to get it, eh?

Watch the movie now. It’s awesome. That final scene where Po puts Master Shifu’s lesson to good use? A mix of Waterbending (from Avatar), Dragonball Z and that “drum technique” from Karate Kid, Part 2. ^_^


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