All About Steve (2009)

nabbed this from Wikipedia

Watched another movie tonight. Go me. I had planned to watch Kristen Stewart on Meet the Rileys but I got distracted when I saw a commercial of Sandra Bullock wearing those ugly pair of hot pink (because they certainly were not red), knee-length boots in the movie All About Steve. It was showing on Star Movies tonight so I figured why not?

The story revolves around Mary Horowitz, a quirky crossword maker who knows a lot about general knowledge. And I do mean a lot. She talks and talks and generally annoy the people she’s with.

When her parents set her up on a blind date, Mary instantly crushes on the guy, a CCN cameraman named Steven (played by Bradley Cooper). Unfortunately, he does not feel the same way and just generally acts like a jerk. But I can’t blame him because if I were in his shoes, I’d most likely be afraid from the hyper chick who is seemingly stalking me.

However, Mary wasn’t really stalking Steve. She just felt that she and him were meant to be, so when she got fired from her job, she travels across the country to get to Steve. It was a wild ride, including a western shootout(-ish), a three-legged baby, a tornado storm and finally a collapsed land mine.

Mary really is a sweet woman, and I admire her strength to be able to go on as she does. Let’s face it: she clearly was not one of the most popular girls in school. The only friends of her I saw in the entire movie were the ones she made during her journey. She even talks to her pet hamster! I mean, who does that?

…Okay, so maybe a lot of people talk to their pets. *insert sheepish grin*

But Mary is a real outcast in the sense that she’s not on the same level as everyone else. She said it so herself, though with far more words. Somewhere along the lines of “when I got kicked out of girl scouts, I read physics books”?

The moral of the story is concluded in one of the last lines:

There are meaningful words, useless words, and words that hurt.

Mary wouldn’t have gone to that troublesome journey if she hadn’t believed what Steve said about wanted some company while on the road. And she wouldn’t have been in that site where the underground mines were if it weren’t for the misleading words that Hartman Hughes, Steve’s partner and TV reported, had told Mary.

Still, without those words, then there would be no story, so I’m pretty much happy. The movie was not one of the best, but it’s a good one to watch if you want an uplifting night. Oh, and the soundtrack is lovely!


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