Okay, So I’m Normal After All…

“I just took this quiz and it was, like, so TRUE!”

Ahem, now that’s *jerks thumb at previous sentence above* out of the way… So I really did take this quiz that find out what you’re real grade is in school — no, not your report card grade, but your grade level. It’s a quiz that tells you which grade level you should be in based on your mentality. Now, ignoring the fact that these type of quizzes tend to be very vague so that the quiz taker can have the reaction stated above, I would like to say that my test result totally was made for me.

You Are…A Happy, Mildly Stressed Junior

Soon, you will own the school. Soon, everyone will respect you. Soon…it will all work out. And these facts help you sleep well at night. When not worshipping the seniors for being so brave and cool, you spend your time fretting over the SATs, not because you really care about college yet, but because everyone is telling you to get your act together. You like having fun, but you don’t go crazy. Spending a night at home by yourself isn’t always a bad thing, because you know that soon, soon, soon, your life will be one big party.

You balance your school work with a moderately active social life, but you still have much to learn. You show signs of confidence, but also need to believe in yourself more. And you don’t need to act so cool all the time. Be yourself and you’ll find happiness (the Disney movies are right!).

Having recently completed my third year in high school, I’m proud to say that I’m working on a Junior level. Of course, I would’ve been happy if I was working at a Senior or Collegiate level, but that’s a silly dream and I won’t mention that again. Tee hee!

If anyone wants to know, I found the quiz on Sparknotes at this link. I enjoyed the quiz so much that I did another one, this time called The Success Test. It says I’m on the right track. *bristles with pride* Ha, how about you?

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