Breaking Dawn, Part 1 Movie Poster

Yes, what you’re seeing is correct. That image up there ^^ is the official movie poster for the next installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, Part 1. At this point in time, I can’t say whether I like the poster or not. Compared to the previous three posters, this one does not feature any of the three main characters — Bella, Edward and Jacob.


I have to say though, that the poster has a somewhat peaceful look to it, symbolizing surely the ending that is to come: Bella and Edward’s union, the birth of their half-human/half-vampire child, and finally Bella becoming a vampire herself. I can’t say more without ruining the entire story. (LOL — see what I did there?)

Anyway, if you want to catch the teaser trailer, tune in to the MTV Movie Awards on June 5th. If you don’t have the MTV channel, then you can see it also on after the show ends. Or, if you’re too lazy, just check the thing out on YouTube a day or so later — that’s what I’d do, anyway. ;D

Want to see stills from the movie? Check out this post.


4 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn, Part 1 Movie Poster

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