#23 – A picture of your favorite book

I can’t say I have a favorite book, seeing as I’ve read so much I can’t even remember the last name of the authors, let alone any major plot lines other than she was the bad guy and he was the father of the good guy who was the secret weapon — or whatever.

What is a favorite book, anyway? Am I just supposed to look at the fiction books, or are non-fiction books allowed to? How about ebooks, because I have plenty of them.

In my opinion, a favorite book is book, fiction-wise, that is so well written the reader just can’t put it down. The reader would have to forced to read it first thing in the morning and wouldn’t be able to let go until it’s late at night. The reader would have to be forced to read-walk and to read while eating. The reader would have to be moved so that after reading the last word and seeing the great expanse of blank page after that last paragraph, he or she would just sit back and look blankly ahead and just sigh for a story well written.

I’m picky about books, and I don’t like mistakes. When I see a typographical error or an excess in punctuation — hello Stephenie Meyer and your addiction to commas — then I’d feel that slight tingle of annoyance. And that’d just ruin the story for me.

Though I like guessing at what would happen, if I am proven correct and that spooky neighbor really did turn out to be the bad guy, then I’d lose a little respect for the author. I want something that would make me gasp out loud and shriek to the world (i.e. my friends and family) that I did not see that coming. I want to think back on that moment, think back on my reaction, hours later and just smile because a good story made me react like that.

To quote a wise sage whose name I can’t recall right now:

A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age…

So if I had to choose a favorite book — and skipping the Harry Potter series because that would be an unfair advantage ;D — I would have to choose the following two books (because I can’t choose between them):

  1. Emma by Jane Austen, a book I’ve been reading since the beginning of the year and had finished just as summer started 
  2. and Ella Enchanted by Gail Carlson Levine, a sweet story I’ve read in one day
Emma I’ve chosen because I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve laughed out loud while reading it. And Mr. Knightley is ever so lovable. ^_^
As for Ella Enchanted, I just really like those kind of stories that are so sweet and innocent. And the love story between Ella and Char, in my opinion, was not mentioned enough, it made me crave for more.

So there you have it, folks. My two favorite books. Care to tell me yours?

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