The Secrets of Chambers

The HBO channel showed Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets again tonight, and though I do have my own copy of the film, it has simply been ages since I last saw any of the Harry Potter films, let alone one of the ones from the earlier times. I do tend to avoid them, since watching young Daniel, Rupert and Emma act just makes me… *shudder*.

To those who are unfamiliar with the Harry Potter movie franchise, don’t worry; they do get better. (Thank goodness.)

Watching the movie resurfaced some thoughts I never knew I’d be thinking about again. Not to sound weird and random or anything, but having only caught the late second half when Harry and Ron were in the Forbidden Forest talking to Aragog, my mind wasn’t as into the story plot as it might have been if I watched it from the beginning.

Anyway, I noticed a couple of things:

  1. Special effects in 2002 really were a fail.
  2. Again, young Daniel and young Rupert’s acting — especially during the part when they’re uncovering all the information about the basilisk — really made me cringe, but at the same time giddy with pleasure.
  3. Professor (if he even deserves to be called that) Lockhart really must be a coward to be pushed around by two twelve-year-old boys.
  4. That actor playing Tom Riddle is kinda good-looking.
  5. Harry looked horribly crazy swinging the Sword of Gryffindor around. Like madman crazy.
  6. No matter how much I respect Ginny’s character, Bonnie Wright can so not act — in the Chamber scene at least.
  7. You can see Jason Isaacs‘ real hair underneath his wig in that scene in Dumbledore’s office.
  8. And finally: what the hell with the “There’s no Hogwarts without you, Hagrid.” The way Daniel said that was just… *cringe and shudder* I literally hid my face in embarrassment for him. It was so cliché and his expression was so cheesy and — *shudder again* I really, really, hate that line. I have nothing against Hagrid, but really?!

Now that’s off my chest… *heaves a long sigh* What did you think of the movie? I’m in a real Harry Potter mood tonight, so here’s a toast to J.K Rowling for her wonderful creations! Hmm, perhaps I’ll re-read all the books again… not! Re-reading is just not my thing, sorry. However, fan fiction is another matter. ^_^

2 thoughts on “The Secrets of Chambers

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