#19 – A picture and a letter

I’m forgoing the picture and instead just took a picture of a letter because frankly, I had no idea what a picture and a letter means.

In the age of e-mails Facebook, it seems like there’s no room anymore for the good old-fashioned handwritten letter. Apart from school-related letters that are really addressed to my grandparents (but I open them anyway), I never receive any mail. And even if for some wacky reason that I do, it’d most likely be typed and how written by hand.

Not to turn this into a Harry Potter related post, but that’s one of the many reasons why I like the HP universe so much. I like the pieces of parchment and the quills and the ink pots, and I like the owls and the — wait, I don’t really like the waiting for the letters to arrive part. =S

Anyway, as a girl who has strict beliefs on the written word, I would love to receive a handwritten letter one day. I vowed to myself once that I’d get myself a stationary set — complete with fountain pens and all — but I suppose procrastination gets the better of us all. ^_^

a letter

WARNING: Do not open... pfft =P

I wrote that letter above during one of my fits of melodrama. I won’t say much, but it’s a letter addressed to Future Me ‘warning’ myself that falling in ‘love’ was a dangerous thing, especially if the object of my ‘love’ is someone I can’t be with. About two paragraphs into the letter, it became a rant about how he makes me fall in ‘love’ with him even though I try not to.

Yeah, it kinda defeated the purpose.


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