1, 2, 3, I see a…

Following the instructions of the challenge, I stood up, turned to my right and saw a few things: the first was my brother’s laptop, the second my headphones and the third was one of the couch’s pillows. It’s square and boring and the color of muck: brown. But, it does go with the decor since it came with the couch and everything. I’d take a picture now, but my camera’s broken form a very serious, very dangerous fall. The lens is in the emergency room… =’C

Anyhow, I remember getting the couch (and the pillows with it). It was barely a year ago, since the condo where I am right now is pretty new and thus, sparsely decorated. We only have a couch, a small coffee table/dining table/desk, a lamp and a TV. It’s cool, actually. I kinda like the empty feel of the place. Quite the opposite to the cluttered home I live in with my grandparents. Oh, I miss Leyte… Good news: I’m going back there on Sunday! Eep!


#13 – A picture of your favorite band or artist

I’m a firm believer that just like your first love, you can never forget your first band. At the age of nine — or was it ten? — I first encountered James BourneMatt Willis and Charlie Simpson in their pop/rock band called Busted. I was engrossed in their music and my mom (who is, by the way, the best mom ever), bought me two of their albums. The memory’s fuzzy, but I still have those albums somewhere in the house, and I have burned all the songs into my MP4.

a still of the "What I Go to School For" music video

I love Busted. I can’t emphasize how much their music means to me. After seven years, it’s a wonder that I can never get tired of their songs. They just capture that teenage oomph that songs nowadays lack, in my opinion. Busted is a band for teens and as a teen, I’m proud to be listening to their music. Busted forever!