Jessie J and Pauley Perrette: Identical?

One is known for the hit single Price Tags, the other for her role in the TV series NCIS.

So, which is which? I hope I’m not the only one thinking that these two lovely are more or less identical. They both have black hair, a straight fringe and everything. Though they don’t have the same facial structure, but at certain viewpoints they do look like the same person. I, myself, have mixed them up a couple of times, especially since I had no idea that Pauley (the one on the left) was in the music business as well.


14 thoughts on “Jessie J and Pauley Perrette: Identical?

  1. I’m an NCIS fan. When I saw Jessie J’s price tag I did a double take ‘cuz I thought it was Pauley Perette. They do look a like. And both are amazing.

  2. are you kidding me they look nothing alike pauley is really, very pretty and the other girl is just some weirdo

    • Excuse me, but that weirdo has a name and it’s Jessie J. You would know that if you read the entire article. I’m not saying they the two women can be each other’s doppelgangers, but you have to admit that they look a little bit alike at first glance :D

      • I know who she is ..I just do not see how any of you guys can say she looks like pauley! Sure they have the same kind of hair style ..I do too in fact i too have pigtails …but the point I’m getting at is I can’t see it and nor does any body else I show the photos to O.o .. I’m not trying to argue sorry I just can’t really see

        • I didnt need to see this post at all,the first time I saw Jesse J, I said to my girlfriend I think Pauley is trying music,lol.Everyone I mention it to see it.

  3. uhhh duh if u guys dint think they look alike thn u guys are crazy as hell man u have to look like u are looking at a girl but u think it is a guy tht is cute as hell jst u guys look at a guy but think it is a gurl so yea

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