A Glimpse to the Future — 2021

I’ll most likely be depressed if I read this ten years from now. I mean, to jot down what you think your life would be ten years? That’s just — well, I don’t have words for it. What if I don’t become the person I want to be? What if my plans on owning a fantabulous house and cute bug car were just that: plans? What if I become a small, insignificant loner living in that apartment upstairs?

That’s just depressing, that is. But hey, a challenge is a challenge. And I don’t back down from challenges… much. ^_^

Ten years ago, in the year 2001, I was seven years old. What was my life back then, you may ask. Well, my answer would be I don’t know. I have told my friends this time and again that my memory and I are not in good terms. I can’t remember anything farther than last year (oh, but ask me about vocabulary words from English class four years ago and I’ll give you a play by play).

I don’t know what I’ll have ten years from now, seeing as I am not a seer and don’t have Alice for a friend. (See what I did there with the Harry Potter and Twilight references?) But hopefully, at the age of twenty seven, I’ll be living a happy life in a spacious brick house with carpets and a fireplace and my own personal study/library, plus a garage that houses my baby, a Volkswagen bug. I won’t mind a family, though I’d better have a cool, successful career before having one. ;D

not mine, but I wish it was...

As for society, technological advances ought to take care of socializing. Goodbye meeting up in public, hello Mega Facebook! Or something of the sort… I hope the music, movies and books get much better. Humans are ever-changing. I’m just hoping that we’ll change for the better. Get rid of that pollution! Equality for all! And most of all, stop wearing skinny jeans!

Over and out.


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