A Dose of Hair-Pulling and Head-Banging

Honestly, does anyone not know when school starts up again?! Yeah, I know, I know —  I’m probably the only one eager for school to get started again but please, please, please, I need to know! Being this far away from Leyte makes me wonder if I’m missing out on anything like, I dunno, the dates when the school opens up for the new school year?

I honestly don’t know how other people do it, going in vacation so far away from where your school is. I understand that with the advances in technology, you can just call the school office or check out its website for any updates. But therein lies the problem: I don’t know what the school number is as one (and we don’t have a landline); and two, there is no school website (as far as I know, anyway). For goodness’ sake, I’m pulling my hair here!

a way to relieve stress

Sigh… I bet I’m the only student out there waiting for school to start up again. Not that I have anything against school, or education for that matter, but to willingly go to an institution where they work your socks off? *eyes turns to slits* Really?


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