#11 – A picture of something you hate

Smoking — a vice I could never really understand. Why people would willingly inhale damaging smoke into their perfectly healthy bodies, I would never know. I like breathing in cold, clean, fresh air, which is one of the reasons why I feel much better in an air-conditioned room.

I hate it when I walk down the street and suddenly, the smell of smoke filters up my nose. I know that it’s a public street and people are entitled to do what they want, but I just can’t stand it. They’re free to live their lives the way they want, but please don’t drag me into it. Second-hand smoke is much more dangerous. Besides, coughing fits are not my cup of tea. I’d rather avoid them as much as I can, thank you very much

If you’re a smoker, or at the very least knows a smoker, and you’re reading this, please tell them to stop. Smoking is very dangerous to one’s health. It could lead to lung cancer and other illnesses. It can lead to death.

what's inside a cigarette

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