Onyx the Hamster

Two years ago (2009) as a Christmas present, my grandparents brought my brother and me to the pet store to buy a pet. We both chose hamsters not only because they were cute, but because my classmate and close friend also had one as well.

I chose to name my hamster Onyx, since she had dark as night eyes. I’m not really sure if Onyx is a dark gem, but I like the ‘x’ sound at the end. And the name sounded exotic. Unfortunately, while we were away at school, the two hamsters escaped. Apparently, the cage door was foolishly left open by one of the maids while she was cleaning it out.

That was a sad day for us siblings.

Your memory would forever be with me, Onyx. You will never be replaced (since I really am no good with animals). Apart from the many goldfish who lived and died before you, you were my first pet and I love you.


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