I Am Number Four (2011)

“Oh, my gosh — it’s Alex Pettyfer!” *cue girlish screams*

Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the guy, but I am a teenage girl. The only reason I chose to watch I Am Number Four, despite its obvious parallels to Superman (alien with superpowers living on Earth and saves lives… sounds familiar to anyone?) is because of Alex Pettyfer. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the guy who plays Alex Rider in Stormbreaker, Emma Robert’s main squeeze in Wild Child, and not to mention Vanessa Hudgen’s beast in Beastly.

The movie starts with the bad guys, an invading race of aliens called the Mogadorians, kill off Number 3 in a forest somewhere. The way I understand it, there are nine good aliens on Earth that were destined to save their race, but since everyone in their planet (Lorien) has been killed by the Mogadorians, that plan’s kinda pointless now. Anyway, these bad guys are hell-bent on killing each and every person from Lorien, meaning they’re after Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4… you get the picture.

They’re killing in order, which I think is pointless. If you want to kill someone, why make it predictable? But I suppose that would be the work of the charms the Loriens wear. You can’t kill them out of order.

Number 4 is Alex’s character. His name really is Number 4, but he has an alias in the name John (and Daniel before, but that’s inconsequential). John and his protector, Henri, move to the lovely town of Paradise to get away from the bad guys and here, John meets Sarah.

Predictably, John falls for her and she falls for him, blah blah blah. And as it turns out, falling in love for John’s kind is a one-shot deal. Once you fall, you’re never going to fall for another person again. Not only does that remind me of the Twilight werewolf’s imprinting, but also it’s just ugh… you know? I mean, of course he only gets to fall in love once. I’m not being bitter here, just merely realistic.

played by Diana Agron

Moving on, some things happen that I can’t really be bothered to remember. The bad guys chase the good guys… the good guys, instead of running away, fights back… oh, and then Henri dies, which is so cliché. Not meaning to be insensitive or anything, but of course the mentor of the hero has to die so that the hero, in this case John, can think for himself and actually do something heroic. I’ve seen that millions of times in the movies: in the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter…

Meanwhile, John’s superpowers evolve. He’s super agile, super fast, super strong (by the looks of how he handles the school bully, Mark), and not to mention super useful when the power’s out.

Look, I have flashlights for hands!

The climax of the movie is the epic fight: Number 4 and 6 against the Mogadorians.

is it just me, or does Teresa look like Kristen Stewart here?

They good guys win, of course, and they continue to search for the remaining four Loriens. Unfortunately for those rooting for John and Sarah, John has to leave her behind to continue his quest. Number 6, played by Teresa Palmer (also in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice), is this biker chick wannabe who has a shielding power and can teleport.

Here is the trailer for the movie:

My final opinion of the movie? The first half was about John and Henri running away from their problems, John trying to ‘fit in’ in high school — seriously, dude? — and keeping the bully at bay. The second half is where all the fun starts, where all the pieces fit and the epic fight scene begins. To be honest, I’m not too big on the plot of this film. It’s too cliché and predictable.

On the whole, I’d watch the movie again if it means seeing Callan McAuliffe on the screen. My reason to watch the movie in the first place might have been Alex Pettyfer, but then I have this thing for nerds and geeks, and Callan McAuliffe’s character, Sam Goode, fits the bill.

…Well, Callan and Jake Abel. Did you now he also played Luke Castellan in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Lightning Thief movie? For some reason, I also have a thing for bad guys. ^_^


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