Gotta Love Video Conferencing

Ask me what video conferencing is before last night and I will answer you with a blank face. Despite the fact that yes, I am an avid user of the internet, I’m not that interested in connecting with other people other than in Facebook. I used to have Yahoo! Messenger, but then I lost that when my old laptop died on me and since then, I figured with the dial-up connection that I have, there was no use downloading a new one.

But then last night happened. My best friend from England sent me this link to so that we can use our webcams to see each other and, what can I say, I was floored by the results.

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve caught up with my best friend. Yeah, we talk on Facebook and all that, but it’s really much, much better to be able to see each other, even if it’s just on the computer screen. Which is why, though I’m not a big fan of chatting or anything of the sort, I had fun chatting with my best friend.

It gives me a warm feeling that even though we’re separated by countries and seas and continents, even though we haven’t seen each other in real life since 2007, we can still be friends. Who says a long distance relationship is destined to not work out? With the wonders of technology and internet nowadays, you can do anything.


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