The History Behind My Name

As a challenge from the Daily Post, I’ve decided to take out my investigatory gear (that is, open up a new tab and search in Google) and figure out what’s the story behind my name. It’s pretty obvious by my work and this blog that I’m a girl, but my name is nothing like a girl’s name.

“Hi, I’m Luigi and I have a boy’s name.”

Figures, huh? I guess that’s why I’m strange, even with my friends. I don’t follow the same music, I don’t watch the same shows, and I don’t even read the same books. No one in my class knows who Charlotte Bronte is… I mean, how ignorant can they be? She’s only one of the greatest authors ever!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve come up with my research:

  • According to, the name Luigi is derived from the ancient French Lodewig meaning “glorious in battle” or “illustrious man.” I guess that means I’m supposed to be fearless, eh? Wait, but I hate battles and I doubt I can lift a sword. You should really see me in PE… Wallflower! I stand in a corner with a book in hand. That’s how much exercise I get every day.
  • My name day (whatever that means) is on the 21st of June in honor of St. Luigi Gonzaga, who died in Rome in 1591 while assisting plague victims.
  • Luigi is obviously Italian and it’s also a form of Louis, which is French and Old German.
  • And finally, Luigi is a somewhat popular first name for men (#1193 out of 1220) but an uncommon surname or last name for all people. What about for women, huh?
I really don’t know why my mother chose to name me Luigi. She told once, when I asked her, that it was because she spent most of her pregnancy playing those ‘Mario and Luigi’ games (you know, the less famous Mario brother?), but I’m not quite sure about the authenticity of that story. Still, I think that’s a good excuse and that’s what I tell the people I meet when they ask me why I have a boy’s name. And it’s not even a popular boy’s name… geesh.

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