“Mean” Official Music Video is Out!

The ‘mean’ music video premieres on CMT in a half hour here in Nashville! 10pm eastern, 9pm central!

I’ve never really appreciated Twitter as much as I do now. That quote up there is from Taylor Swift herself. She tweeted that a couple hours ago… yesterday, I think. I’m an avid fan of hers and I adore her songs and their respective music videos. Mean is one of the first songs I’ve heard from her new album, Speak Now, and I absolutely, positively love it. It’s pretty inspiring, telling the doubter that she, Taylor, would be big someday and all that he’ll “ever be is mean.”

It’s a nice video. My favorite part is the little girl, because it shows that Taylor — her journey to stardom and success despite everything — has made it; she has accomplished her dreams. It’s inspiring, not only to the girl, but to everyone else who watches it as well. Watch the music video here:

Of course, having seen her performance in the ACM awards before the music video, I can’t help but notice the similarities. (Are they wearing the same clothes??) But, I suppose it was meant to be like that. Watch the performance here:


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