#7 – A picture of your most treasured item

Most treasured item? I think you mean my most treasured items. I can’t live my life without my MP4, which has all my music in it, my cell phone, which has sentimental value, and most of all my laptop, which has all my thoughts, opinions, stories… and it gives me access to internet! I know it’s quite shallow, but all these things keep me sane.

pink LG laptop, pink Sony MP4, pink Motorola Razr

  • Without my music, how am I supposed to cope whenever someone makes me really, really mad? I depend on Busted to calm me down. Plus, other songs offer inspiration for stories.
  • Without my cell phone… well, how am I supposed to text my friends and family? That phone has been with me for five years and I bought it with my own money. Yes, twelve year old me saved up all of her pocket money to get that thing (that kinda explains the lack of touchscreen… XD)
  • And finally, without my laptop, how will I do my school work? How am I supposed to write and read stories? How am I supposed to talk with my mom? I rely on Facebook to stay connected with various family members who are abroad.
So yeah, those pink things up there are my most treasured items. Can’t blame a girl for not parting with them.

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