The Cutest Thing (That I Ever Did See…)

I was just browsing through the pictures in the Photo Gallery of the Quest’s website when, all of a sudden, this complete and utterly adorable picture jumped out at me! It totally took my by surprise. Aren’t pleasant surprises just the best?

When I saw that picture, the only appropriate response from me was a cooing “Awww…” Yeah, I found Lego Dobby that adorable. He’s officially now in my top five Harry Potter characters. Thank you, Lego people!

Want more adorable-ness? Here’s some more pictures of various Harry Potter characters:

If only there was a Lego Ginny, then my happiness would be complete. ;D


2 thoughts on “The Cutest Thing (That I Ever Did See…)

  1. Hello! Yes Dobby is adorable. He is even more adorable in the newest harry potter movie “the deathly hollows part 1” when he is wearing shoes! Also I heard you liked the Reader’s Guild website. I was actually writing my own book! I made a website for it with the prologue on it. Why don’t you check it out. It is

    • Oh, yeah… I forgot about Deathly Hallows. Dobby did look adorable there. Too bad he died. =C BTW, I checked out your website and your story’s nice so far. Kinda reminds me of Robin Hood. You and your friends must be having fun. Keep writing!

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