Two in One Movie Night

Being the insomniac that I am, I watched two movies last night. The first movie, Beauty and the Briefcase, was a romantic comedy starring one of the stars of my childhood, Hilary Duff. The other, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, drew me in because I thought the title was catchy.

Beauty and the Briefcase, as stated before, is a romantic comedy. It reminded me somewhat of Confessions of a Shopaholic, though seeing as I’m not sure which one came out first, I can’t state that this copied from that and vice versa. Nevertheless, watching the plot unfold in Beauty was… well, I’d say it was an experience. Even though I knew that Lane would so get together with Tom and live her happily ever after, I still drove myself crazy whenever it felt like something bad was going to happen.

It did not help that Seth, who by the way is Kyle from Kyle XY, was just so dreamy I get distracted. Oh, and I love, love, love his hair!

I felt like I connected with Hilary’s character. I mean, it’s not my dream or anything to work for Cosmopolitan, but I have been entertaining the idea of working for a couple of years for Candy or Okay! magazine. It’s nothing definite. A girl can just dream, right? After all, the movie inspired and enlightened me.

Moving on to the second movie of the night: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.

I think it’s just coincidence that the second movie I’ve chosen randomly to watch happened to be about an aspiring writer named Ethan. He looks like a total nerd and writes about himself in his work (*ahem*), yet he’s adorable and deep. He meets Jesse in a cafe and gets inspired by her, eventually writing his first ever to-be-published book which, evidentally, was based on their love story. He even kept the same name of the heroine and everything.


This movie totally moved me. I understood Ethan’s plight. I love Jesse with her narcissistic comments and her girl-next-door vibe, and I felt completely sorry for her when she confessed about not being able to have children. Personally, I thought it would’ve been something like cancer (because it was predictable that way), but I’m glad in a morbid sort of way that it was her infertility.

Anyway, it was confusing when the scenes with Ethan and Jesse were followed up by the fictional scenes with Troy and Jesse — Troy, of course, being the main guy in Ethan’s story. But, being the smart, intelligent, observant, completely storyline obsessed freak that I am, I saw through it immediately.

That, and the fact that I vaguely remember a friend recommending this movie to me a long time ago. Perhaps when I was in eighth grade? Hmm…

Overall, it was a fun night. I watched two awesome movies in their own right, and I get to sleep three hours before everyone starts waking up. Yeah.


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